Jason Roberts Dobrin, Spilled Coke With Orange In The Sunlight, 2018, Oil on canvas, 20” x 20”

Jason Roberts Dobrin

Opening Reception: Thursday, January 18, 2018

OOF Books is pleased to present New Paintings and Sculpture by Jason Roberts Dobrin. Jason’s textural painting style — a nod to theatrical painting and art after Greenberg — almost pours off the canvas, giving way to material objects: separate sculptures taking up the same subject as the paintings on the wall. New Paintings and Sculpture shows a progression of the artist’s subjects, as they begin to appear together in the plane of the painting as they do in sculpture: effectively showing Robert Dobrin’s fictionalized world of the reclusive artist in his studio. 

Classically Americana, cigarettes, coffee, and soda pop recur in Roberts Dobrin’s body of work in a way that is distorted yet recognizable: neither an abstraction nor quite a portrait. The artist employs painting techniques that reflect our moment in art in order to create images of the mundane: both bearing witness and poking fun at our condition. He also includes the recurring image of the orange: a popular topic for portrait painting in the fifteenth through the seventeenth century.

About the artist: Jason Roberts Dobrin received his Masters in Photography and Media studies from the California Institute of the Arts. Other recent exhibitions include “Solo Show” at the Phil Gallery, “Accidental Sneeze” at Good Press, “Chapters: Book Art in Southern Califronia” at the Craft and Folk Art Museum, and “Welcome to Hell” at Arturo Bandini. In addition to his visual practice, Jason also runs Golden Spike Press, a collaborative publishing project specializing in artists’ books and multiples. 

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